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  • NS-WXQ-18 cooker is fittedwith a micro computer chip (MICOM) that adjusts cooking time and temperature according to the cooking program selected(White rice/ Sushi/ Porridge / Brown Rice).
  • Capacity of 1.8 litter ( 10 cup) , enough for 1-10 people.
  • Inner pan comes withnon stick coating layerto ensure rice does not stick to the pan and dry out easily after cooking.
  • The inner lid isremovableto ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Removable steam valve for easy cleaning.
  • The cooker is equipped with adelay timer function thatallows you to set the cooker to complete cooking after specifics hours (4 , 6, 8 , or 10 hours).An ideal function when you want to haveyour rice ready to eatwhen you get home!
  • And like any other rice cookers, it has the AutomaticKeep Warm function after cooking.
  • Detachable Power Cord.
  • Power: 750-820 watts; Operating voltage: 220-230 volts.
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