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  • TheNS-WAQ-10 cookeris equipped witha wide range of cooking program, allowing youto cookall kindsof rice (White rice/ Sushi/ Soft /Brown/Mixed,FastCooking,etc ).
  • It comes with the integrated sushi cooking programdesignedto achieve perfectsushi rice.
  • Capacity of 1.0 litter ( 5 1/2 cup) , enough for 1-5 people
  • Alarge LCD displaywith digital clock integrated visualisation and easy manipulation of the cooking method and the estimated cooking time.
  • Aremovable bowl with special coating stickfor easy cleaning of the pressure cooker.
  • DetachablePower Cord.
  • The inner lid isremovableto ensure a thorough cleaning.
  • Steam valve,removablefor easy cleaning.
  • The pressure cooker is equipped with thefunction delayed startup to 13 hours in advance allows you to store two separate times to start cooking.An ideal function when you want to haveyour rice ready to eatwhen you get home!And like any other rice cookers, it has theKeep Warm function automatically after cooking.
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